The Loney Bones

If anyone was wondering what “Brando Commando” was referring to in the first ever comment on this site, this is that terrible pun. We have a tradition in our league in naming our teams puns which include the name of someone on our team. My greatest pun ever also happened to come on my best team ever: Hock a Lugo, which won the championship in my first ever auction league, thanks to a ridiculous lineup including Albert Pujols AND Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Cantu and Julio Lugo in career years, not to mention Johan Santana and Mariano Rivera. Pretty much the best team ever.

This year is not that year. Though I have been atop the leaderboard for much of the year, the pun is far inferior, which is a bad omen. I was going to change it, but felt I needed to keep it for at least until I wrote this post. I will let you all know when and how I change it, I assure you.

There are a few extra wrinkles with this team. This is the sixth year of our auction keeper format. We have rules so people can’t keep the same players for $1 every year. If we could, I’d have Grady Sizemore, Cole Hamels and Curtis Granderson, all for a buck. The way we do it, which will be the way we do it in Collin and my league, is a three-year keeper limit. You can keep someone twice, owning them for three seasons. I’ll indicate below whether a player is kept, how many times he’s been kept, or how I got them this year. Here goes:

C – Miguel Olivo – $1 (Acquired via free agency)
1B – Billy Butler – $15
2B – Rickie Weeks – $1 (Acquired via free agency)
3B – Ryan Zimmerman – $10 (Kept once)
SS – Elvis Andrus – $1 (Kept once)
IF – Michael Cuddyer – $3
OF – Matt Holliday – $37
OF – Curtis Granderson – $28
OF – Andre Ethier – $13 (Kept once)
OF – Shane Victorino – $12
Util – Jason Heyward – $8 (My God….he’s everywhere!)
Bench – James Loney – $1 (Acquired via free agency)
Bench – Asdrubal Cabrera – $7
Bench – Martin Prado – $1 (Acquired via free agency)
Bench – Chris Young – $1 (Acquired via free agency)

Don't be sad Matt, you're hitting behind Pujols now!

P – Tim Lincecum – $43
P – Tommy Hanson – $1 (Kept once)
P – Matt Garza – $1 (Kept twice)
P – Scott Baker – $1 (Kept twice)
P – Jair Jurrjens – $1 (Kept twice)
P – Phil Hughes – $6
P – Rafael Soriano – $12
P – Brian Wilson – $13
P – Edwin Jackson – $13
P – Randy Wolf – $2
Bench – Kevin Millwood – $1 (Acquired via free agency)
DL – Mike Gonzalez – $11
DL – Chris Young – $1 (Acquired via free agency)

Clearly, this team is built for short-term and long-term success. Rickie Weeks is (knock on wood) finally playing to his potential and I still have him for 1, Andrus is steadily improving, and that outfield looks pretty dominant to me. If the lanky white pitcher Chris Young can come back and pitch well (opponents are hitting only .221 against him in his career), then my team will only get better.

There are some repeats on this team. I have Baker, Hughes, Heyward and Granderson on Teamocil, and I have both Chris Youngs. You know what they say: repetition is the key, repetition is the key, repetition is the key, repetition is the key.

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