The Demise of Teamocil and The Loney Bones

Let this post act as a postmortem on the seasons of Mr. Rothstein’s fantasy teams.  This post could be written now or in October, but while we’re here I figure I will expose our good hero’s kryptonite so you can watch for it when reading his posts.


In real-life baseball (you know, the sport where all the fantasy stats are coming from), young players have value because teams believe a young player’s upside can not only lead the team to a championship in years to come, but also garner enough fan attention to significantly increase ticket and jersey sales.

In fantasy baseball, young players will ruin you.  Prospects gain attention in major league baseball for future returns, not current results.  Fantasy baseball is based entirely on current results.  The fact we are in a keeper league is irrelevant because we can only keep a player twice, so it doesn’t matter how old the player is as long as he is younger than, say, 32.

By now you may have noticed a theme in the hero’s posts.  Strasburg for $27 (even he admits that might’ve been a decision better made before he quenched his thirst), Heyward as a stalwart of a supposedly competent fantasy team and the owning of Everth Cabrera (really Ethan? this might be a new low in your love of the young ‘uns).  Heyward, granted, is getting high praise everywhere. Even so, lots of young players start hot (remember him? Wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t).  Young players cannot be relied on.

The worst part of being a hero is you have to have a flaw.  Just ask Homer.  Better to expose our hero’s flaw now, because in this tragedy, the villain will win.

Angel Berroa put it together for his entire rookie year. Didn't help him much. He sucks...or sucked, anyone know if he's still in baseball?

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  1. Posted by Holgash on April 21, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    I have a similar flaw… and I understand the gripes with Cabrera and Strasburg for 27, but Heyward is a beast. He is probably going to be one of the most valuable keepers in our league. It’s not like he’s coming out of nowhere, people expected this from him. If you look at similar guys: Longoria, Braun, etc. when you play positions other than pitcher, catcher, and shortstop it’s not unreasonable to expect high early returns especially in Heyward’s case. I will regret not taking him with my last pick of the auction when I could have had him for 1.


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