Today’s Heroes

As promised, here’s your morning cup of fantasy joe. A lot to get to from a full Wednesday slate of games, so here goes (Lisa, avert your eyes):

  • Teamocil Update: Thanks to three much-needed pitching performances, Teamocil rocketed up the standings…to fifth place. Still, 8 points gained and Phil Hughes (W – 7 IP, 10 K, 1 ER, 1 H, 2 BB) took a no-hitter into the 8th inning, just to see a ball literally hit him and ruin the bid. Good on ya, mate. Make me look like a genius! If Hughes is available in any of your leagues, PICK HIM UP NOW. He’s long been considered one of baseball’s best pitching prospects, he throws a mid-90s fastball, a ridiculous change, and added a changeup to his arsenal this spring. He also pitches for the Yankees (booyah), so he’s in line for a lot of wins this year, especially if he continues to pitch like this. Other great pitching performances for Teamocil yesterday: Jered Weaver (ND, 7 IP, 6 Ks, 2 ER, 6 H, 2 BB) and Yovani Gallardo (W, 5 IP, 10 Ks, 0 R, 3 H, 3 BB)
  • The Loney Bones Update: No movement, 0 points gained. Whatever. Phil Hughes is on this team too, so is Rickie Weeks, who homered on my bench (grumble grumble). Never overanalyze folks. Weeks is now batting .327 with 3 homers and 11 RBI. I picked him up off free agency in this league, and if you can do the same, I highly recommend it. Any Weeks investment comes with a major injury risk, but if you’re picking him up now, you have nothing to lose. He’s still unbelievably talented, he still plays at the shallowest non-catcher position in all of fantasy, and he’s still just 27. Update: Rickie Weeks is also historically awesome at scoring runs. He bats leadoff in front of the best 1-2 punch in the NL in Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder, and has already scored 14 runs this year, and his game today isn’t over yet (he has two today). If he ever played a full season, he would have scored like 115 runs in any year. Kevin Millwood continues to be a surprising source of production, as he had 8 decent innings for me. Four earned runs, four K’s, but a WHIP of 1.13 will help, and those other stats certainly won’t hurt.
  • Streamer Update: That’s right streaming haters, every day I’m going to post the guys who streamers should pick up for the next day. You’re welcome, Jabula. In every serious league, Kevin Correia and Jaime Garcia are long gone already, but they’re pitching tomorrow and have been great all season long, so add them if you can. Garcia in particular is facing the Giants, so if he’s available (he’s not, Alex), snatch him up for tomorrow and enjoy. Other guys that should help our streaming friends: Carl Pavano (he’s baaaack) against the Royals, Paul Maholm against the Astros, and Jake Westbrook (former Yankee) against the A’s. You see what Phil Hughes did to the A’s last night, so that should be a solid play.
  • Those interested in blasts from the past to add to their team are pretty happy about what’s going on right now: Ty Wigginton has 3 HR and 8 RBI in the past week and Ivan Rodriguez is hitting .444 on the year, .500 in the past week with 7 RBI and 6 runs. If you need a catcher, Pudge is not a bad pickup since he’s assured playing time. Why not ride him until he cools off? Wigginton is a known commodity now in fantasy baseball circles – he gives you homers and RBI in spurts, an atrocious batting average, but multiple position eligibility.
  • The Royals’ #3 hitter is a guy you should definitely be targeting if you’re in need for a 2B/3B and bragging rights at the end of the year. His name’s Albert0 Callaspo, and he’s hitting .288 with 3 HR, 11 RBI and a steal. From a 2B/3B, that’s pretty awesome. He’s owned in only 32% of Yahoo! leagues, but the key to his success in my mind is behind the surface numbers (that’s right everyone, deep analysis). His BABIP (Batting Average on Balls in Play) is sitting at .280, which is below the about average number of .300. His contact percentage is at 85 percent, below his career average of 90, and his line drive percentage is 15 percent, below his career average of 19. The power might not be entirely real (HR-to-flyball ratio is at 13 percent, far, far above his career average), but it’s not outlandish to think that he’s just getting stronger. Regardless, he’s not doing anything all that extraordinary in terms of his career numbers, so enjoy the numbers. He could very well net you a .300 average with 90 RBI and 15-20 homers if he stays in the 3-hole, which is yummy in your tummy at 2B.

Have fun with this guy for the next 148 games.

That’s all I got for today’s tips. Props to the wonderful for all the stats. The Villain will be back tonight with some more (don’t worry, there will be no overlap), and I’ll have another post at some point today. I’ll leave you with last night’s best highlight. Enjoy.

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