Today’s Heroes: 4/24

Really a depressing day for Teamocil. The Loney Bones did fine, gaining two points and moving into sole possession of second place behind another gem by Tim Lincecum, who has yet to allow more than a single run in any game thus far (he’s 4-0 through four starts) and leads the majors in strikeouts, but it was just not a good day for my team on the other side of the tracks.

It began (yesterday actually) with me completing a trade, dealing Andrew McCutchen for Clayton Kershaw in a move I thought was terrific. I need starting pitching and Kershaw just happens to be a great starting pitcher. McCutchen may keep for one, but Kershaw keeps for two. However, yesterday the news came down that Manny Ramirez was headed to the disabled list. All of a sudden my glut of outfielders (Ramirez, McCutchen, Carlos Gonzalez, Curtis Granderson, Jason Heyward and Garrett Jones) shrunk by two, leaving me with only enough to fill out my starting lineup. I used the empty roster spot by putting Manny Ramirez on the DL to pick up Brett Gardner, who should replace McCutchen’s speed and Ramirez’s BA for now. Still, not happy. Couple that with another couple of disastrous starts (Cole Hamels and A.J. Burnett), another two points lost in the standings, and another home run from the afore-mentioned Jones squandered on the bench, and I’m just disillusioned with this team at this point. Hopefully Ryan Howard will hit a freaking home run, or Curtis Granderson will do something, or anyone will do something to get us out of this funk.

On to the bullets:

  • After a legendary start that raised everyone’s expectations to biblical proportions, Heyward has officially cooled off. He’s gone hitless in his last three games, lowering his average to .250, striking out five times along the way. He’s been bumped down in the lineup to seventh today, behind Troy Glaus, Matt Diaz and Melky Cabrera. I know he’s been slumping, but that is a ridiculously stupid move by the Coxster. Here are the batting averages of the Three Stooges listed above: .167, .162, .135. Just because it’s been three games since Jay-Hey’s last dinger doesn’t mean he should be forced to attempt to drive in those clowns.
  • Something I probably should have addressed days ago: Andruw Jones is apparently back. Six homers, nine RBI, three steals and a .293 average, capped by a two-homer game yesterday, including this walk-off shot. From that video, it’s clear that he’s lost a good 20 pounds at least. He looks like a solid pickup, but I’m wary. If he keeps it going, I won’t hesitate to say adios to Gardner.
  • Booyah.
  • Ike Davis, who has already been mentioned on this young blog, hit his first career home run last night, and it was a doozy. I said I’d keep an eye on him, and I have: pick him up if you have room. He’s not going to outpace any of the traditional options at the corners, but he’s a good add if you have a recently-DL’d player, or if you have a 1B need.
  • The Jets draft continued yesterday and this morning with these transactions seemingly happening rapid-fire: drafting guard Vladimir Ducasse (you know what they say, mi Ducassa es su Ducassa), releasing 28-time pro-bowler Alan Faneca, trading up to draft Joe McKnight, trading one of my favorties Leon Washington to draft John Conner to eventually replace Tony Richardson, who’s like 63. Good, cold-blooded moves from who I’ve convinced myself is the best freaking executive in the NFL, Mike Tannenbaumm. Man are they stacked for next year. 6-10 anyone?
  • Probably my three least favorite teams in the NBA all won last night, furthering my frustration. At least there are four awesome games today, including my two favorite remaining teams (pour some out for the Rockets and Nets), the Hawks and the Thunder. I highly recommend you tune in, as the games will be going on pretty constantly from 2-midnight. Yeah, it’s an awesome day for basketball.
  • Not a lot of streamer options Sunday, but there are a couple of good ones: Colby Lewis, who has a 3.12 ERA, two wins, and 18 Ks in 17 IP, will take the ball against the Tigers, who aren’t a scary team at least, and with numbers like that, you roll with him (also only 20 percent-owned). Other good options: my sleeper pick from last year Chris Volstad, Justin Masterson and the renaissance…d Dave Bush.

That’s all I got for now. WATCH BASKETBALL TODAY…PLEASE. Then comment about how thankful you are that you did.

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  1. Posted by Dave on April 24, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    That’s a dirty take out by Tex


  2. […] leave you guys with one nugget: Remember what I said about Colby Lewis? Well he struck out 10 batters yesterday, the second time already this season his […]


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