What’s Going On in the Wide World of Baseball?

Abbreviated, unfiltered thoughts before we head into the weekend:

Robinson Cano‘s two home run game last night is further proof of the depth at second base this year.  He is the number one ranked Yahoo player right now.  Those numbers are ridiculous.

The ever-fragile Justin Duchsherer got hurt the other day.  I immediately cut him, especially after hearing the injury was in his hip, an area where he has had problems before.

Arizona’s new law cracking down on illegal immigration could get young players who have spring training in Arizona arrested.  Major League Baseball is worried.

Colby Rasmus is living up to his potential and more.  He could be one of the members of the next generation of great outfielders.

Could Barry Zito really be getting back into his Cy Young form?

It is possible 80 players will be named All-Stars this year.  Is it really even an honor at that point?  If this inflation keeps up, we will probably have All-Stars that are unownable in fantasy leagues.

Just for fun, check out this clip. It’s a bench-clearing baseball brawl, kind of. You won’t regret watching…

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