Under the Radar

In a fantasy draft or auction, owners become more proud of their 15th round pick or final $2 steal than their big money, high-pick player.  The value of a sleeper is a team can get production from the player above the value paid.  By getting $30 value for a $2 player, a team dramatically increases its chances of winning.

The problem with sleepers is everyone talks about them and they slowly become overrated.  If you’re looking for real steals (we’re talking about players owned in a single-digit percentage of Yahoo leagues) check out the guys below.

John Buck wants you to go pick him up. Right now.

C John Buck – Buck was a huge prospect coming up with Kansas City.  He never really met expectations there.  Now in Toronto, Buck has hit .421 with 4 home runs in his last 21 at-bats.  In fantasy baseball, catching can be hard to come by, so if you’re looking to ride a hot streak, pick up Buck.  He won’t hit .400 on the year, but he could give decent production from a generally unproductive position.

OF Travis Snider – In a week where Toronto’s offense came alive, Snider has also emerged as a potentially ownable outfielder.  He has two home runs and two stolen bases over his last 20 at bats over which time he has hit .400.  The 2006 first round pick has high expectations to live up to, and there is no reason to believe he will get a significant number of steals for the rest of the season, but in deep leagues, Snider is worth a look.

OF Nate Schierholtz – Normally, the No. 8 hitter in a weak lineup wouldn’t warrant much attention, but Schierholtz has been on my radar since last season when I picked him up far before he was ready to be an everyday player, let alone an ownable fantasy player.  Since moving down to No. 8 in the order, Schierholtz has started hitting.  He has a .450 average over the last week to go along with 6 runs and a steal.

3B Kevin Kouzmanoff – Kouzmanoff has not been transcendent this year, but if you are in desperate need of a third baseman, he is an ownable commodity.  He’s got 2 home runs on the year and is hitting .275, but he’s been on fire lately, going 10 for his last 27.

Stars are generally preferable to the guys nobody else wants.  But the great stories of the baseball year come from guys like this, guys who start out as unknowns but turn into stars.

The video below is for those of you who want some chills, I know its not entirely relevant, but think of this kid as the ultimate sleeper:


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