What’s a Sleeper?

Collin and I are currently having this argument in Media Law class, and Media Law class is really really boring, so I’m posting about it. As shown here, Collin believes veterans like 29-year-old John Buck and 28-year-old Kevin Kouzmanoff are sleepers. This is both ridiculous and stupid, and shows a shockingly inept interpretation of fantasy jargon. Dastardly villain my ass.

You see, a sleeper is someone who few people are aware are fantasy relevant, has a chance to far exceed their preseason value. Snider and Schierholtz could potentially deliver useful seasons, and though it’s highly unlikely, they’re sleepers because that would be a breakout for them, they haven’t had full seasons, they weren’t hyped pre-season, and you could get serious return on investment.

I don’t want to repeat myself too much from my post yesterday, but essentially Buck and Kouzmanoff aren’t sleepers because not only have they been around for a while and everyone knows what they’re capable of, but even this year they’re not performing above their career norms. Buck is hitting .225, which is 10 points below his .235 career average. While he has hit five homers already, that puts him on pace for about 25 homers in a regular 400-AB season, which is seven more than his career high 18. However, he has a three-homer game which will count for none of your teams. Pretty much, the best you can hope for is 20 home runs, and a terrible contribution in every other category. He can’t do anything else.

Kouzmanoff is definitely fantasy-ownable. I don’t dispute this. He has a very useful skill set of hitting 18-24 homers, driving in 80+ runs and batting .270. He’s 28, and this year moved from spacious Petco Park in San Diego to spacious McAfee Coliseum in Oakland. He might see a couple more homers, but he’s not moving to Coors or anything. He’s hitting only .278, he’s on pace for roughly 91 RBI, and has hit only two homers. Again, very ownable, but he’s not breaking out. He just do what he do.

Who are some sleepers out there? Take a guy like Nick Hundley. He’s young, only 26. He’s never had a full season

My logic traps Collin like Nick Hundley trapped this dude in a net

in the majors, and he’s playing decently. Two dingers, nine runs, nine RBI. Nothing spectacular. However, he’s striking out at a career-low clip, walking at a career-high 11% of his plate appearances, signals of offensive growth. He’s also a starter, and his extra-base hit percentage is at a career-low, despite having the same line-drive percentage as in years past and he’s hitting more flyballs than ever before. These all signal to me a jump in counting stats is on its way. He may not hit as many homers as Buck, but he’ll get more of everything else, meaning he won’t HURT YOUR TEAM LIKE BUCK WILL. And he’s a sleeper, while Buck is a know commodity.

I’m glad I cleared things up for you.


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  1. Posted by Mike Luu on May 6, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    I’ll tell you what a sleeper is; The Washington Nationals baseball team, Michael Crabtree (Will be my first round fantasy pick…. if available), and Rita’s Sweet Tea flavored ice. Don’t sleep on those.


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