Why Having Good Players Isn’t Always Enough: Profiling YankeeHater

This post was not an excuse to run this picture of YankeeHater. Really, it wasn't.

YankeeHater won our league last year with a name that most of the rest of the league loved.  This year, he is struggling more than terrorists against Jack Bauer.  It’s not like he struggled in the auction.  YankeeHater has elite players at every position and looked to have one of the strongest teams in the league following our auction.

He has an elite player at many positions.  Wouldn’t you have taken a team with Joe Mauer at catcher, Prince Fielder at 1B, Brandon Phillips at 2B, Mark Reynolds at 3B, Jose Reyes at SS and Nick Markakis among others in the OF at the beginning of the year?  I would have.  And yet, YankeeHater is anchoring the league by a substantial amount with just 32 points.  The next lowest point total is 45.  His pitching, while very injured, is not terrible.  YankeeHater’s strongest category is saves where he has 7 points.  He also has Josh Johnson anchoring a pitching staff without too many other notables.

But remember, YankeeHater won the league last year by streaming pitchers in the second half.  This means he stands to gain somewhere in the vicinity of 15 points in pitching (since he is already near last in ERA and WHIP) if he starts streaming again.

His hitting is really the issue, despite all the great hitters listed above.  YankeeHater will not finish the season in last place.  The point we can take away here is that early season struggles often shift the standings significantly.  Fielder will hit more home runs than he has thus far, Reyes will hit for a higher average than .237 and Carlos Lee can’t hit .207 with such awful numbers all year without getting cut by either YankeeHater or Houston.

Fantasy baseball is a game of strategy, but it is also a game of luck.  The best auction/draft strategy could have ended with hitters comparable to those on YankeeHater.  No one predicted these players would struggle.  Most of them will have great numbers at the end of the year, but that’s little consolation to a defending champion who finds himself in last place by a decisive margin.  Even the greatest players can find themselves outside first place.

In other news, the picture above was taken after YankeeHater had his hair straightened and gelled.  For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t), straightening your hair requires a hot iron.  Unfortunately, it was determined after the gel was put in the hair that further straightening would be necessary.  As the iron touched hair, smoke began to rise from YankeeHater’s head as burned hair gel began to grace the nostrils of those in the room.  Now YankeeHater’s decision to get his hair straightened for a Tokyo Fashion party may lead you to question his fantasy skills.  I do not think that this decision is related to his fantasy struggles and it is a complete coincidence both have been put in the same post.

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  1. Posted by your neighbor on May 11, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    haha great picture…
    p.s. nick is awesome


  2. Posted by ........ on May 12, 2010 at 5:20 pm



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