What’s in a Name?

In a word: everything.  One of the most important decisions a fantasy owner makes in a given year is his team name.  Some owners have old standards.  Most of my fantasy teams have either been named Providence Grays or Boston Beaneaters, 2 old-school baseball teams.  The Hero currently is using Arrested Development references to change his team names in our league and is currently called Teamocil.

Let me go on a tangent here to say if you have never watched Arrested Development, do it now.  It’s only three seasons.  My roommates have been watching this show (along with Weeds) for the past couple weeks and made it through EVERY episode.

Other strategies for coming up with team names include creating puns off owned players (i.e. The Loney Bones, PrnceFieldrUpLstNght, Jeters Never Prosper, Matusz Yahoo! or Dropped a Pujols in the McCann) or referring to a favorite team (i.e. Natinals, Bronx Bombers, Orioles Magic or Green Monster).  Still other team names express hatred towards real life teams.  These team names all typically refer to one team (YankeeHater).

Some people lay claim to victory in their team name (i.e. Team To Beat, Team Cy Young, 4 Aces, or the ever-original Champions).  Others choose to represent famous quotes from pop culture, much like The Hero (i.e. Omelette du Fromage, Prestige Worldwide, Springfield Isotopes, Chico’s Bail Bonds and Bad News Bears).

So what does a team name matter?  For me, it is a luck thing.  I have had success in leagues where my team name has been an old-fashioned baseball team.  The day I finish out of the money is the day I start getting more creative with my team names.

Many team names build on baseball cliches and culture (i.e. Chin Music, Roid Rage, Bad News Bears).

A good fantasy team name can make even a last place finish worthwhile and can be the superstitious reason for a fantasy league championship.  So choose your team wisely.  And if you want to just try on some names and see reaction, comment above and we’ll let you know what we think.

There was once a day when I was original with my team name and called myself the “Izzy Alacantaras.”  Who was Izzy Alcantara?  He was a Red Sox prospect who played in Pawtucket, R.I.  Why does that name sound familiar?  Watch below:

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by douchey mcgee on May 13, 2010 at 3:38 pm

    LOL excellent video.

    My team is named the Baltimore Bear Jews


  2. Posted by Lisa on May 13, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    American fights are apparently much more vicious than Korean ones lol. Great video!

    Also, are the rules for naming teams different for naming online March Madness brackets? Because I feel like those don’t follow all the rules. Plus mine was named “yoyoyo” which probably fits into the extra “pink hat” category.


  3. Liking the alliteration in Baltimore Bear Jew…and any reference, no matter how tangential, to Teddy Ballgame, is greatly appreciated

    And yoyoyo is acceptable as a team name under absolutely, positively no circumstances…it just reeks of a lack of creativity


  4. Posted by Mojo Jojo on May 15, 2010 at 1:42 am

    Kind of the same way your trade with Jabula reeked of collusion?

    (n.b. For outsiders surely reading, given the blog’s magnificent writing and keen insight… Collin does not actually cheat in fantasy sports; he just uncannily convinces people that bad trades are good for them. This is an inside reference to our league, after an owner criticized a trade for being wholly unfair.)


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