A Finals Week Post

First: I went to the Preakness yesterday, expect a post in the next 48 hours about how I thought I had a chance at winning $200, but was sorely disappointed.

Second: Some quick hit fantasy advice for those of you in THATV withdrawal and one of the greatest videos to make it to this blog

Players to pick up, with brief reasons (some good and some arbitrary):

Mat Latos: I’ve been streaming one pitcher spot lately (a strategy I’m not convinced is good, but I’m experimenting with). Latos made it into my streaming rotation for his near perfect game, but I dropped him for someone to stream the next day before he pitched. He was picked up off waivers. He’s a young guy who will have his share of ups and downs, but the potential makes him too useful to keep on your free agent wire.

Josh Willingham: The speed may not be entirely real and the average may not help your team a whole lot, the power numbers will be there at the end of the year for this National. He is hitting in a much-improved lineup with more opportunities for better RBI and run numbers.

Players to drop with briefer reasons:

Rich Harden: Most of you have already done this, but the inconsistency has simply become too much, even for me. He’s got great potential and will get good K numbers, but his ratios will kill your team at this pace.

Adam Jones: Last year was the first year of his career with double digit home runs. He has never had more than 10 steals in a year. This year he is hitting .245. I’m not really sure what separates him from Corey Patterson at this point.

And now for the video, as promised:

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