Smattering of Fast Fantasy Facts

First of all, the refs in this Celtics-Magic game are an embarrassment to the NBA.  The awful calls are going both ways, but it’s COMPLETELY ruining the flow of the game.  On that note, we will move into a list of fantasy facts, some helpful some less helpful:

Bad news for Andre Ethier as he heads to the DL after a breakout beginning of the season.  While the time off will hurt his owners, the bigger concern is whether he will get back into the rhythm that made him the most valuable fantasy player thus far in the season.

And as if the Yankees couldn’t get success solely through World Series’, they are now producing stars of their own.  Phil Hughes and Brett Gardner have turned into fantasy stars before our very eyes.

Tony Alameida of 24 can rise from the dead, why not Vladimir Guererro? Pretty sure there was another 24 bad guy named Vladimir this season, the relationship is clearly there.

Is Vladimir Guerrero really pulling a Tony Alameida and rising from the dead before our eyes?  The answer: kind of.  Don’t expect a return of the numbers that made him a top-10 fantasy player in the early and mid-2000s, but a return to his numbers 2 years ago (nearly 30 home runs and 100 RBIs) is well within his sights.

The NL Cy Young race is already crazy.  Adam Wainwright has added his name to the mix including Ubaldo Jimenez, Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay.

Doug Fister is owned in less than half of Yahoo leagues.  I am one of the proud minority.  I don’t care how many strikeouts he gets, the ratios make him absolutely worth owning in all but the deepest leagues.

Jon Rauch has been invaluable for the Minnesota Twins this year.  Imagine losing the best closer in baseball and replacing him with a guy who has arguably performed as the best closer in baseball…that’s what the Twins have done.

According to Yahoo, no catcher is ranked in the top 100 fantasy players.  This lends legitimacy to the strategy that you can win a league putting anyone, and I mean anyone, at catcher.

Adrian Gonzalez’s average is killing fantasy teams across the country.  His power is there and he stands to hit around .270 or .280 at the end of the year, but its frustrating for now.

Third base is generally considered a strong position.  Can you name the second highest ranked third baseman after Longoria?  Jose Bautista, who is hitting below .250.  Although he typically plays right field, he still has third base eligibility in most leagues.

In 12 seasons before this year, Alex Gonzalez (the one who played for Florida and the Red Sox) hit double digit home runs only four times.  He already has 10 this year and is the highest ranked shortstop.

Picking closers is always a crapshoot.  At the beginning of the year, Matt Capps was a marginal own.  Now he leads the league in saves.

Horse racing trivia for the day: The longest shot to win the Kentucky Derby was Donerail in 1913 at 92.40 to 1 odds.  Just imagine the payoff if you put down ANY amount of money.  Ridiculous.

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