Three Teams that are Indefensibly Bad

This team is bad, the teams listed below might be worse.

In baseball, some teams are bad.  Some teams are awful.  Some teams make Little League teams look like The Big Red Machine.  This awfulness translates over to fantasy baseball.  Below are five teams that redefine incompetence.  Regardless of if their ineptitude stems from a lack of talent or being as cold as the 2014 Super Bowl (yeah Giants), having players from these teams on your fantasy team would generally be a bad sign for your team.

For the record, because this is a fantasy baseball blog, I’m going purely by stats and not by wins.  In most occurrences poor stats lead to fewer wins, but if there are teams with fewer wins, don’t complain about my reliability…I really did mean these were the worst teams.

Also, there’s a video below the jump, so keep reading!

Pittsburgh Pirates: Surprise, surprise, the Pirates are not good at baseball.  They bring bad to a new level.  They have the third worst batting average in the majors and the second worst ERA.  Upon first glance, they appear to have a decent closer in Octavio Dotel.  He has 9 saves, after all.  Then your eye catches his ERA: 5.89.  But wait, that is only .40 below the team ERA, he’s almost average.  Yup, that’s how bad the Pirates are this year, one of the worst closers in baseball is right about average for them.  Do not own Pirates players.

Caveats: Andrew McCutchen-purely for SBs and AVG, Rs shouldn’t stay at this high a pace with his supporting cast

Ryan Doumit-Because, well, he’s a catcher and who am I to say any catcher is better than another.  They’re all terrible this year.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Surprised? Me too.  I’m so unpredictable I didn’t even know I would be putting them in this category when I sat down to write this post.  Truth is, they have become a significantly worse team this year–significantly worse as in downright embarrassing.

Caveats: I am saying this with all due respect to the admittedly competent players: Kendry Morales, Torii Hunter, Bobby Abreu, Jered Weaver and, nope that’s it.

Houston Astros: This is unfair to the Astros pitching staff which has been at least average this year.  The hitting is just so atrocious the whole team had to make the list. There are two teams with an OBP below .310 this year.  Again, the Angels really are awful.  The other team is the Astros.  There is one team with an OBP below .300, one team with an OBP below .290, one team with an OBP .280, one team with an OBP  below .275.  O.K., the Angels aren’t that bad, the Astros are.

Caveats: The vast majority of the pitching staff (Oswalt, Myers and Wandy are all very ownable)

These teams are so bad at baseball, this comes far closer to reality than makes me comfortable.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Holgash on May 26, 2010 at 9:44 am

    How can you leave out the Orioles, Royals and Mariners? Those teams are pretty bad as well. I’m a diehard O’s fan and I can say that this O’s team certainly belongs in the group above.


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