Elvis Andrus’ Awakening and Other Thoughts

He ain't nothin but a hound dog, cryin' all the time

I’ve refrained from mentioning Andrus at length thus far in our adventures together at THATV, mostly because he’s on my team, and seems to not be blessed with an array of offensive talent, so I didn’t want to call attention to the fact that not only do I own him and start him, but I also don’t have a backup. Shortstop sucks this year.

However, after a lackluster rookie campaign, Andrus has been so dynamic this year that he wrested the leadoff spot from Julio Borbon (okay, Borbon kind of vomited the leadoff spot all over Andrus’ jersey, but still), and has retained it even since Ian Kinsler’s return from the DL.

Hitting leadoff in an offense consisting of the resurrected Vlad Guerrero, the afore-mentioned Kinsler, Josh Hamilton, Justin Smoak and Michael Young has its perks, but Andrus is also helping himself. Thus far he’s helped himself, batting .307 with 17 steals. He’s also scored 33 runs, good for ninth in baseball. He’s giving his fantasy owners enormous contributions in three categories (his BA counts for a little more since he’s hitting leadoff), and is doing so very cheaply, because he didn’t do anything like this last year.

Some people (like me, last year) saw this coming when he stole 50 bases in AAA in 2008, and became the youngest position player in the majors before being usurped by Jason Heyward, then Starlin Castro (my other unbelievably young and overachieving starting-sans-backup shortstop…crap). Can he keep this up? Well the speed is real, and last year he stole 33 bases, which was disappointing. He’s getting on base more, and he’s more confident when he’s there. He should reclaim his 50-steal numbers, and at a scarce position like shortstop, hitting leadoff in Arlington, his keeper-league owners should be very happy this year and in the future.

  • Speaking of Castro, the only current major-leaguer younger than the authors of THATV is still stirring things up in Cubbieville, hitting .328 on the season/career/pre-pubescence. Insert communism joke here.
  • Just got around to watching the season finale of 30 Rock. If you don’t watch the show, watch the episode, and prepare for Matt Damon to one-up his Entourage cameo. That’s the only Bostonian I want on my fantasy team……….that came out wrong (not).
  • I really, really, REALLY hope that both the Lakers and the Celtics manage to lose their series. Sorry, David Stern, but not only does everyone freaking hate those teams, but a Magic-Suns Finals would be unbelievable.
  • It happened much, much later than I thought it would, but I finally get to say I told you so about Mike Napoli. His Hammerin’ Hank-esque HR/AB ratio couldn’t be kept down for long, as he’s got 4 HR in the last week, seven on the year, good for fourth among all catchers. Considering Rod Barajas is at the top and John Buck and Miguel Olivo are tied for second, it’s not too farfetched (or Farfetch’d) to say he could be leading all backstops in socking dingers by June.
  • In case anyone cares, I’ve started a separate blog about my European adventures, I encourage you to check it out if it interests you. If it doesn’t, then you’re not a real friend.

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