4th Quarter of Game 3

The comeback is about to begin…get ready!

These refs have GOT to stop this though.  This is the NBA Finals!  Players might touch each other and it doesn’t mean anything.  The Celtics got here based entirely on their physicality.  To start calling games this tightly now basically gives the Lakers the championship.  Defense becomes impossible when you can’t lay a finger on a guy.

“Odom is still taller than him [Baby]” Great comment announcers. Baby’s got more heart than Odom ever had.  Great takes baby!

The difference between the Garden and the Staples Center is that the Lakers have Nicholson and Hollywood in the stands for entertainment.  The Celts have Cousy, Havlicek and McHale to show off their history.

So those hamsters really are making me want that car.

Sheed looks about 10 years younger without the homeless beard.

Didn’t see the difference between Gasol’s screen and Baby’s screen there, you know, except for the whistle following Baby’s.

Before this game, a friend and I were debating who the high scorer would be tonight.  Hasn’t been the same guy in consecutive games throughout the playoffs so we knew it wouldn’t be Ray.  We were OK guessing Pierce, Rondo, Baby or Sheed.  Garnett has been fairly unexpected, but he hasn’t looked this good in a while.

The officiating in game 1 was terrible, but it was terrible both ways.  Game 2, the officiating was fine.  Here we are in game 3 and the Celts are getting bombarded on offense and there is no foul.  The Lakers get a Celtics pinky scratching a Lakers arm and all the whistles blow.  That’s just turrible.

Jeff Van Gundy wants to institute a “no-face policy” for players on losing teams.  It speaks for itself.

As poorly as Ray Allen has shot, he’s doing a lot of little things that are helping.

Derek Fisher is not this good.  I promise.  He’s not.


So in fantasy-related news, while we’re at commercials, Strasburg is officially ridiculous and you should mortgage your future to get him.  Unfortunately, The Hero has him.  For $27.  At this rate, might be a keeper.

Back to the game–after some ridiculous request by Jackson to review the play…c’mon, the officials have to make the decision.

That’s right replay–it goes both ways fellas.

Has Ray Allen ever shot this bad? Ever? Like even in the driveway when he was 5? I say no.

And just a reminder, Fisher’s not this good.

Props to basketball for replay.  Jim Joyce and Armando Galarraga would be a whole lot happier today if MLB did the same thing.

What the hell is a moving screen?  One committed by the team in green?

Damn, Game 4 here we come.

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