Another Reason Fantasy Sports are Awesome

No refs.

Officiating seems to get progressively worse every day.  Officials from the World Cup, MLB and NBA have all brought the integrity of their respective sports into question in the past few weeks.  We will excuse Jim Joyce for his contriteness and the lack of timeliness (despite the recent dearth of posts, we still try to keep journalistic values hear at THATV, something that happened weeks ago is simply not news).

My misery began with the beginning of the NBA finals.  I fully admit I am a Celtics fan, but I believe that what follows is fairly unbiased.  If you disagree, please comment.

In Game 1, the refs completely destroyed the flow of the game and made it painful to watch.  While the calls were going both ways and finger grazes by the teams in yellow and green were bringing players to the foul line, it took 90% of the entertainment value out of the game.

Fast forward through numerous questionable performances to Game 7.  The first half was well-officiated by the refs.  It truly pains me to say that about a crew that included Joey Crawford, one of the worst NBA refs, but it’s true.  The half was not marred by foul calls, it was poor shooting that left fans unsatisfied.  The refs understood the moment and wanted to let the players determine the game.

Now I don’t know what happened at halftime.  Kobe might have found one of the refs at halftime and told him he would “get consent” from one of his daughters and I wouldn’t be surprised.

The fact is, the refs started calling fouls in the second half.  Fouls came play after play.  I’m not saying they were all bad calls.  The Celtics got to the finals because of a physical style of play.  The first half made it seem like they could play physical, something that was made harder without Perkins the Enforcer.  Then they kept playing physical and the refs changed the course of the game.

Then this morning.  The ref saw a goal and decided, “you know what, I don’t really want to see a team win this game, I’ll just say the goal didn’t count.  And I don’t even have to say why.”

Guy either doesn’t speak English or pretended not to.  Take a lesson from Jim Joyce.  Admit your mistakes, the public is forgiving.  You just pissed off a whole country.

I love sports because of a PLAYER’S story can move a person and the PLAYER can do things athletically I would never be able to dream of.  I don’t watch sports to watch wannabes and wish-they-weres (not all refs, but far too many right now) decide the games to get their names in print.

So here’s to a pure sporting event, one not marred by a questionable call, one with a result we can believe in and an event won and lost by the players and unaffected by the guys whose names we can only wish would remain anonymous.

More officials screwing up below:

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