The Triumphant Return of The Hero and The Villain

Yes, the title of this post is not a typo. Collin and I are back with classes, back with a vengeance, and back to drop some knowledge/science on you, our half-dozen loyal readers (and my Dad) for the foreseeable future. Admittedly, the summer was a dead zone. I could hardly be motivated to get out of bed before noon without monetary compensation, let alone blog for free. However, we are determined to make this work, which includes expanding in a Howard Stern-esque takeover of the entire media industry.

The Villain and I both have Twitter accounts, you can follow Collin (@cberglund89) here and me (@ethanrothstein) here. Every time we blog, we post the link there so you never have to wait even a second to find out if we’ve posted. In addition, starting sometime soon, Collin and I will host a radio show (along with fantasy opponent and fellow Hendrick Hudson alumnus Alex Bleiweis, aka Jabula) every Tuesday at 10 p.m. during the semester on WMUC Sports, and if you’re a good reader, we’ll even bring you on for a guest spot. For serial.

In terms of direction of the blog, we’ll still have some content on fantasy sports (especially with football season right around the corner), but we’re going to evolve into more of a general sports blog since no one but us (and 8 of our friends) are nerdy enough to read about fantasy sports.

In addition, I now have a sweet little video camera, on which I have footage of Collin and his roommate’s hilarious golf swings. I don’t have the internet in my new apartment yet (it gets installed tomorrow), but when I do, rest assured, it will be posted for the world to see. I’m also going to find uses for the camera for the purposes of this blog (such as interviews of Maryland football/basketball players after games and in-studio videos of our radio show). It should be pretty freaking sweet, if I say so myself.

That’s it for now from me. If Collin isn’t slacking, he should be posting something soon. If he doesn’t, I’ll probably assassinate Jon Lester. Just ’cause

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