Just…just…watch this

I think I can safely say that this was the 14 best minutes of my life. Without hesitation. Sorry Monday Night Miracle. Sorry 5 Yankee championships in my lifetime. Sorry friends, family and acquaintances. You’ve all just been bumped. Maybe you’ll agree after you watch this.

I was literally waiting the entire video to see where Dirk Minniefield would wind up (probably the coolest dunk I’ve ever seen), and only afterwards did I realize some things:

1) Vince Carter, arguably the greatest dunker the world has ever known, made only one appearance in the top 50 (#14).

2) Michael Jordan was only an honorable mention. Dominique Wilkins, Jason Richardson, Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson and Harold Miner (all dunking legends) were nowhere to be found.

3) The best dunks are always someone just getting the poop dunked out of him. I don’t think any of the victims in the videos went to the NBA. If I had to bet, I’d say 30% suicide, 40% clinical depression, and 30% used-car salesman, in an easily pie-chart-able statistical breakdown of “Where are they now?”


h/t to SLAM Online

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