Nyjer Morgan, you crazy SOB

Thanks to my class with Kevin Blackistone (name drop alert!), I was informed that this crazy random happenstance occurred last night:

Couple that delightful footage with this gem and this story and we start to see a little glimpse into the mind of Nyjer Morgan, a.k.a. Tony Plush, which is nowhere near enough. I don’t just want a glimpse, I want a one-on-one sitdown chat with this crazy mofo, preferably for several weeks, so I can start to really understand what makes this guy tick. Here’s what I’ve gleaned from reading/hearing about him.

  • Nyjer was born in San Francisco, and grew up playing hockey, which he says was his “first love.” He actually played junior hockey (like the minor leagues of hockey) before decided to commit full-time to baseball when he was 20.
  • Despite now being a Washington National, he developed a love for the rival Pittsburgh Penguins while playing for the Pirates and witnessing the Pens’ Stanley Cup victory.
  • He’s a terror on the basepaths, and his speed has made him fantasy relevant for stretches during the past few years, and is a defensive star at centerfield for the Nats.
  • Combine him with THATV favorite Willie Harris, and the Nats have the most interesting outfield this side of the Texas Rangers (which is really just because I can’t wait until Josh Hamilton relapses and drags Vladimir Guerrero and Nelson Cruz into the bottle/crack pipe with him).
  • He has what can only be described as severe anger issues. Whether it’s throwing gloves, balls or punches, Nyjer just loves to throw things in inappropriate situations.
  • Tony Plush is incredibly proud of his rage, as he can clearly be seen celebrating that he got his ass beat by Gaby Sanchez and about a dozen other Marlins. He did get that first shot in though, about a split second before he felt Lyle Overbay 2.0 decleat him.

Why would I possibly want to sit down with a person like this? Well, mostly because he’s a baller. Also, at this stage in his life cycle, if I spend about two hours with him, something absolutely crazy will happen. Guaranteed. Who doesn’t want a friend like that?

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  1. Posted by MikeLuu on September 2, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    What has two thumbs and plans on buying a #1 Nats shirt?



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