Fantasy Football Season Is Upon Us

Yay, the day is nigh when burly gentlemen in matching uniforms take the gridiron, pass around the pigskin, soil said uniforms, and tackle each other, all in the name of sport. Why do we care? Other than to watch and chronicle vociferously the Jets’ march to the Super Bowl, for fantasy football, DUH!

There have been some major shakeups of the fantasy landscape since drafting started some weeks ago:

  • Sidney Rice went down for the first half of the year, right after Brett Favre decided to stop delaying the inevitable/obvious and come back for his 80th 20th season in the hopefully soon to be No Favre League.
  • Darrelle Revis just ended his holdout, meaning that for two weeks of the year, Randy Moss, Brandon Marshall and Lee Evans should be benched in all leagues with owners who know what the bleep they’re doing.
  • T.J. Houshmazilly was cut from the Seahawks, meaning Mike Williams, yes, that Mike Williams (God I wish the video was out there somewhere. If you can find it, comment it) is they’re new #1 wide receiver, joining back up with his ol’ coach Petey Carroll.
  • Kevin Kolb has looked terrible, which just clears the way for Michael Vick to publicly execute dogs on the football field potentially start at some point on the season. Man, I am having a rough night with the typos and whatnot.
  • Terrell Owens signed with the Bengals, who then cut Antonio Bryant. Fantasy owners adjusted their backups’ backups accordingly.
  • The Texans’ running back situation went from murky to Foster’s when Steve Slaton decided he was useless and Ben Tate destroyed his knee. Arian Foster, welcome to the third round!
  • Auctions Suck.

Check in all season for news and who to pick up and stuff and junk. I will also be making a post about tennis sometime in the future, so if you hate tennis, here’s your warning.

Waaaaa, I want coke

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