Like a (Kevin) Boss

No, I don’t have Boss on my fantasy team because a far better TE fell to me in the auction, but I’ve been too busy staying engaged in the baseball season to change my name yet.

I have not yet mastered the art of fantasy football, but I have never started a season with a team that made me as happy as this one.  We’ll go through it piece by piece.

A reminder: Our auction was done with a $250 budget for 16 roster spots in a QB-favored league

QB: Brett Favre ($39)–Every year, I doubt his ability to come back without training camp and succeed in the NFL.  This is the year I’m finally believing in him.  He finished in the top-five of quarterbacks in virtually every format last year.  To those of you who say Sydney Rice was the reason for Favre’s success and this season will be a dropoff, remember, Favre is a hall of famer.  Do you really think it was Sydney Rice who allowed him to be successful last year or the other way around?

Backup: Matthew Stafford ($1)–He’s got Calvin Johnson, but yeah it could be better.

WR: Steve Smith ($6)–No idea how I got him for 6…Eli’s favorite target will have more competition this year but 90 catches for 1,000 yards and 8 TDS is a reasonable expectation.

WR: Dwayne Bowe ($10)–Inconsistent, but I thought he was worth the price.

WR: Hakeem Nicks ($7)–And here’s one piece of Smith’s competition.  Yes, I’m a Giants fan.

Backup: Johnny Knox ($2)–Eh, He’s #1 in Chicago

Backup: Mike Wallace ($4)–I bought into the sleeper hype…hopefully it works out

RB: Ray Rice ($78)–Didn’t know how much I liked him til the bidding kept going up…and up and up and up

This man will lead my team to victory.

RB: Rashard Mendenhall ($39)–Kind of an afterthought bid, but I really like it in hindsight.

Backup: Arian Foster ($3)–No explanation for why he went this low, but I’m not complaining

Backup: Ahmad Bradshaw ($5)–I don’t like Jacobs this year and for this price the potential of Bradshaw was impossible to pass up.

Backup: Laurence Maroney ($2)–He’s a starting running back on a solid team…unlikely he’ll have to play for me, but a solid insurance policy

TE: Jason Witten ($8)–One of the best tight ends in the game…in a league where Jermichael Finley went for $32, Witten is a downright bargain.

W/R: Beanie Wells ($42)–Didn’t really want to end up with Wells (Hightower’s a solid RB), thought I was just upping the price, but will make the best of it now that I’ve got him.

K: Lawrence Tynes (picked up for $1)–Again, I’m a Giants fan–and kickers don’t matter and never have.

DEF: Miami (Picked up for $1)–I’m thinking about streaming defenses this year…Miami has Buffalo Week 1.

That’s my team, just to give you an intro so you have a point of reference for the coming season.  I’ll be trying to get better posts up in the near future, once games start and my fantasy baseball team clinches, I’ll have some solid info for you.

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