Thank You Arian Foster

Great day in fantasy football today for both my team and the sport in general.  Unfortunately, it was a better day for my opponent.

First of all, watched all the early games today on NFL Red Zone…heaven.  We were watching one of the early games and it was breaking to go to the commercials and then, right as the Fox sign came on and it was going to go, the announcer for Red Zone said four magical words: We Don’t Do Commercials.  That’s what I’m talking about.  The channel switches to the game that has the highest likelihood of having an exciting play and shows replays of almost every big play.

The only downside was my inability to follow a single game.  With nine games going at once, it was easy to get them mixed up and lose track, leading to insightful comments from all viewers who couldn’t keep up with the frenetic pace.  Despite our inability to process information at that speed, get Red Zone…it’s awesome!

On to the day in fantasy:

Arian Foster is poised for a breakout season.

Arian Foster–I got the guy for $3 in my auction and probably wouldn’t have started him if not for Beanie Wells’ injury, but I am glad I did.  231 yards and 3 touchdowns won’t come every week, but they definitely move Foster up to the cusp of the top-10 of fantasy running backs.

NYG Running Game–It appears Bradshaw will be the feature back this year as he got 20 carries today in comparison to Jacobs’ 12.  Aside from one 22-yard carry for Jacobs, he carried 11 times for 22 yards, not great numbers.  His unique style of running does not lend itself to a long career of effectiveness.

Chad Ochocinco– 12 receptions, 159 yards, 1 TD…he’s back and Terrell Owens is helping take the pressure off of him.  He will see a return to at least 2007-level numbers.  Get him if possible.

Andre Johnson–Slow start for the Texans passing game, but this is probably more a result of Foster’s dominance and the Texans lead throughout than anything else.  Foster’s good, but his running won’t keep the stats of the league’s best receiver down.  He’ll be back at the top next week.

Chris Johnson–Good job everyone who picked the right guy with your #1 pick.  Barring injury, 140 yards and 2 touchdowns will be closer to Johnson’s average game than his best as the season progresses.

Colts WRs–As much as I liked Peyton Manning going back to Pierre Garcon after a couple of key drops early in the game, Wayne is still Manning’s most reliable option in Indy and all other receivers, while ownable, will not be nearly as productive.  Austin Collie had a great first game but as far as consistency, Wayne is still the alpha dog.

Matt Forte–Failed to bang the ball into the end zone on 4 straight short carries, but dominated in the receiving game to the tune of seven receptions for 151 yards.  That will not continue.  If Forte doesn’t start remembering how to find holes in the line, a sharp reduction from last years’ numbers could be coming.

Calvin Johnson–Might be the most talented receiver in football.  Actually, he is the most talented receiver in football–bar none.  That catch he had today should not have been called back.  I don’t care what the rule is.  That was a catch.  Johnson will be one of the big names in fantasy football this year.

Listen in to Quahog Pizza Tuesday at 10 p.m. at for further fantasy discussion and advice.  Press “listen live” in the top right hand corner.  The Hero and I made a trade today that will be discussed ad nauseum.  Also, a post will likely appear in this space regarding the same trade.

Comment below with your own fantasy thoughts from the week that was and week that still remains.

I need Ray Rice and Dwayne Bowe to score a total of 23 points tomorrow night to win my matchup.  Will it happen?  I say yes (I paid $78 for you to deliver in this exact situation Ray, you’d best come through)

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Dave on September 13, 2010 at 1:52 am

    Just wanted you to know that if I had been able to draft my team myself, Arian Foster would have been mine


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