Victory for the Providence Grays!

Ethan and I started this blog when the fantasy baseball season began.  We pumped up my abilities in fantasy baseball and discussed how villainous my trades were.  It is likely that many of you readers thought to yourselves that I was some cocky annoying writer who wouldn’t be able to back up his broad claims.

Today the season ended–and I was locked in a tight race with Team to Beat on the last day of the season.  I just asked Team to Beat for a quote for this post and he said, “fuck this shit.”  Naturally I won.  Besides the theoretical money reward for winning (you know, if gambling were legal), this victory simply confirms my dominance at fantasy baseball.

Team to Beat deserves a ton of credit for his managerial job this season.  Coming out of the auction, he appeared to have the best team in the league.  He had Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez and Justin Upton.  Obviously Upton didn’t work out, but Hamilton’s resurgence and the presence of three of the top American League pitchers (Felix Hernandez, Cliff Lee and David Price) on his team allowed him to stay in the race and forge a September comeback for the record books.

There were a few moves I made to maintain my lead over Team to Beat on the season’s last day and live forever as the 2010 champion of the ever-creatively named “Keeper League.”

  1. Streaming–So when September hit, school got crazy and I didn’t have the opportunity to continue streaming pitchers…as a result I lost a point in strikeouts.  Keep in mind, Dave and I finished the season separated by one point, so literally every move mattered.  Over the last week-and-a-half, I have resumed streaming and today played four starters to get that point on the last day of the season, a risky decision considering…
  2. Saves–I had to bench two quasi-closers to pitch four starters.  And remember how I said Team to Beat and I were separated by one point? Well, more accurately we were separated by two saves going into today.  So benching these closers could have proven disastrous, but I got a little lucky here and there and continued to win.
  3. Maintaining the status quo–As you can see from above, the points I really needed were in pitching categories, but I was also involved in a tight race in steals and runs.  I have played the season with only one bench position player (Brian Roberts or Ian Kinsler depending on matchups and injuries).  With the mass benchings in recent days that come at the end of every season, I made the tough decision to not pick up any players and hope the ones I had could come through while really focussing on the pitching points.  And it worked!

I would like to note again that Team to Beat deserves a ton of credit.  I was winning the league by 14 points at one point in late summer, and I didn’t fall off.  I maintained my point total and Team to Beat caught me…almost.  It took a little luck in the end, but I’ll take what I can get.

And yes I am that good at fantasy baseball, but fantasy football is just a terrible game.  C’mon Colts D– negative points? Seriously? I played the last place team this week and he is currently the points leader for the week.  Karma I guess.


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