NFL RedZone at The Great Mike Luu‘s place, and live blogging about fantasy football. Life is sweet. Peep the bullets:

1:40 p.m.

  • Matt Forte already has four rushes for 101 yards and two touchdowns. Yikes. I never knew he was this fast. Where was this kid last year when everyone drafted him top-3?
  • Hakeem Nicks is living up to all the ridiculous projected stats for himself, already catching seven balls for 97 yards and two TDs. Holy macaroni, the Texans pass defense is awful. He was projected in the Villain and my PPR league for 12.20 points…which seemed a little high to me. Guess we were both wrong there.
  • Ray Rice and Joey Flacco each have a short-yard rushing score. The Denvers have actually been pretty good at the goal line, but the Ravens have been able to punch it through directly.

2:30 p.m.

  • Santana Moss and Donovan McNabb have rekindled some of their old chemistry. On their last drive, McNabb targeted Moss at least four times, including one in the end zone. Me likey. Once upon a time, the little Moss was my favorite football player. Then he was traded for Laveraneus Coles, effectively rendering my first ever football jersey (a white Moss #83 Jets jersey) valueless. Thanks, Dan Snyder.
  • Marcedes Lewis and David Garrard have an absurd red zone chemistry. They’ve connected six times for six this year, and twice today. Just picked him up in a league, dropping Owen Daniels, who had had something like seven total points this year. Despicable.
  • The Texans’ vaunted offense has been completely stymied by the Giants, and their pass rush looks like the ’07 Giants. Just while I’m typing, Osi Umenyiora forced a fumble by Matt Schaub, recovered by Justin Tuck.

4:00 p.m.

  • Lots of action since I last checked in. Ray Rice scored another TD, Michael Turner is over 140 yards, Cedric Benson made the Buccaneers defense his bitch, and McNabb has thrown for over 300 yards. These guys all ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE.
  • Brandon Lloyd has been called one of the biggest surprises of the year, and he has 5 catches for 135 yards and two scores today. No, he is not a huge surprise. Years ago, the Redskins signed him to a huge deal because he had this kind of potential:

9:45 p.m.

  • It’s official: I beat Collin. I didn’t just beat him, though, I demolished him, embarassed him, obliterated him, humbled him. He was talking smack all week about how he thinks he’ll win and about his running backs (where’s Arian Foster now, eh?) and how great of a move it was to pick up Sam Bradford in the final hour. None of it mattered. All three of my receivers (Santana Moss, Hakeem Nicks and Malcolm Floyd) had at least seven catches and more than 110 yards. Nicks (who, if you remember, was on Collin’s team until he traded him away for Tom Brady and his girly hair) was a monster, tallying 12 receptions, 130 yards and two scores. Malcolm Floyd proved that no matter the matchup, he’s now a must-play: Going up against Nnamdi Asomugha, he brought in eight balls for a ridiculous 213 yards and a TD. Cedric Benson also ran wild against the Buccaneers, and Tony Romo had a prolific day, throwing for more than 400 yards and three scores (but also three picks. Das bad IRL). Eat it, Collin.
  • Michael Bush was wildly successful filling in for the injured-but-previously-wildly-successful Darren McFadden. Running against a Chargers’ D that was the fourth-best in the league, Bush carried the rock 26 times for 104 yards, crossing the plane once. That’ll play in all formats. That’s got to make all McFadden owners a tad nervous.
  • Much along the same vein, Christopher Ivory was filling in for an injured Pierre Thomas. However, you can consider Bush the “Ebony” to Chris Ivory, because Ivory laid an egg, running for only 39 yards, no scores, and no catches. What a dud. The PT Cruiser should be back next week, and not a moment too soon. The Saints needed him today.
  • Staying in that same game, it’s clear that Max Hall doesn’t help any Cardinals position players. Fitzy finally had a nice week, but the only TDs that the Cards scored were either by an O-lineman or on defense. The Saints consistently loaded the box, holding Beanie Wells (20 carries) and Tim Hightower (four totes) to less than 2 yards per carry. Ouch. Hopefully the Cards will fare better in week seven after their bye next week

Hope you enjoyed today’s action as much as I did. If I get some comments (anyone out there?), this could become a weekly thing. Not next week, though, because I got a thing. Stay golden, pony boy.

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  1. Posted by Andy on October 11, 2010 at 9:10 am

    eh.. Sam Bradford would’ve been a good pickup if Mark Clayton didn’t suffer a season-ending patellar tendon injury. However, look on the upside for Danny Amendola (you heard it here first). He didn’t get to pay-dirt, but with 19 targets and 12 receptions, he’s the new primary option. It’s awesome that you pretty much covered all the major scores and players. Maybe include the ridiculous upset players of the week too? I know you briefly caught Arian Foster since you were playing him this week, but maybe some others as well. Like, Peyton Manning, limited to 0TDs, 1Int, <7.5FPs. Anquan Boldin with 3 targets, 1 reception for 8 yards totaling 1.3FPs in a ppr league. The complete absence of Greg Olsen in the Bears offense, probably due to Todd Collins throwing the football.

    Great post, I'm gonna bookmark this, in hopes that you update it weekly or bi-weekly.


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