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First of all, when you have a blog, you have to use a corny headline every now and then, so just cut me a break and continue reading the post.  I’m not apologizing.

Martin Prado is a good baseball player.  Brian McCann says he may well one day win a batting title.  Prado is, in fact, so good he is currently hitting over .360 with an OBP of .429.  Just look at his swing:

Now look over to RBIs.


What?  That doesn’t make sense…a player with that average should have at least 10 RBIs, even if they were a complete and total accident

Lots of Braves have had this look this year...

The problem for his fantasy owners (and himself, and his team and really the world at large) is how awful the Atlanta Braves lineup is.  Prado is the only guy to have hit in the same lineup spot for the season thus far.  Seriously, it’s terrible.  After Prado, there is no one with at least 50 at bats hitting over .250.  That’s 1 for 4 folks.  Somehow, 7 out of the 8 position players on Atlanta can’t even muster a 1 for 4 average.

This number includes the almighty and exalted Jason Heyward, who as I had previously mentioned would temper…something my good friend and colleague may have neglected.

Four of these Braves are hitting below .215!  Prado never had a chance.

So what’s the lesson here?  Is Prado worthless?  No, the Braves can’t possibly be this bad all year.  Either these players will turn it around or new players will be brought in.  A Triple-A offense could hit better than the Braves right now, and every player on the Braves should be aware of who is playing his position on the Gwinnett Braves, lest he be heading to Atlanta tomorrow.

Prado should be used as a spot player to stabilize batting average, but few teams have the power to support having such a low RBI total at any of Prado’s 3 positions.  It’s debilitating.

As far as trade value, I would recommend buying (if he’s a free agent, your league is full of morons).  The average is real, guys.  Completely sustainable.  Just watch his swing.  And the power can only increase.  Either the Atlanta Braves will get better or lots of Gwinnett hitters will be featured on this blog as we try to inform you about their fantasy value.

Which will surely be higher than these Braves right now.