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Why Winning a Category is Stupid

I already know the counter-argument to this, which is rife with logic. Obviously winning a category nets you an extra point. But you know what it gets you? ONLY ONE EXTRA POINT. That’s it. Having 9 points in home runs is fine. It’s not a tragedy. You still have a powerful team? Why, then, does it become stupid to have an additional point?

Think about it this way: If I’m winning home runs and RBI, and my team includes Ryan Howard, Matt Holliday,

Don't be this guy, look how sad he is.

Ryan Braun, Mark Reynolds and Manny Ramirez. While the OF of this team would be ridiculously amazing, and this could only happen in an auction league, I can pretty much assure you that my team will beat yours in home runs, and I will laugh at you.

You however, should laugh at me. I may be winning home runs, but I doubt I’m winning a league with that lineup. Why, you may ask, with such epic hitters all of whom would be drafted in the top four rounds of most drafts, would this team not thoroughly dominate?

If it’s not obvious already, the rest of the team probably sucks balls. The money I spent on those five took money away from my pitching, run scorers and base-stealers. I may have boatloads of points in homers, RBI and probably batting average, but chances are I have only a few in pitching.

What should I/anyone who’s dominating a category do? Trade from strength. If I trade Braun away, I can likely secure a starter along the lines of Johan Santana and a speed guy who doesn’t come with much pop, such as Brett Gardner, Michael Bourn or Jacoby Ellsbury (if healthy). While you might go down a point in homers (might), you gain points in ERA, WHIP, W, and Ks with just adding Santana. Maybe a point in each, but that’s still four points. You also gain a couple of points in steals as those three (or players like them) yield such high volumes of steals that they can vault you past other managers who didn’t just acquire a speed demon.

Giving up two points in HR, RBI, but gaining six points in other places? That’s a no-brainer. You know what else is a no-brainer? A guy who wins a category in a landslide. You go from the above muscly-dude to this guy. And who doesn’t love him?