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Willie Harris is Willie Mays Hayes and other thoughts

Today I joined former Washington Post assistant managing editor for sports George Solomon and his class at UMD for a field trip to lovely Nationals Park. I wasn’t told why his class was going, just that they were going and that I could tag along if I wanted. Well, I wanted to and I did. I was all, “Man, we’re going to go in the locker room, I’m going to get to interview Ryan Zimmerman, Adam Dunn, former Terp Justin Maxwell…it’ll be awesome!” I started thinking I can ask them some questions about fantasy baseball.

So I get there like a half hour early, jot down like 20 questions for those three, and meet with ol’ George (he’s very old), and find out that we won’t be interviewing those guys, we won’t be going into the locker room, or anything remotely useful for this blog. We will sit down in the press room and listen to Miguel Batista and Willie Harris talk about the culture of Major League Baseball and what it’s like being Dominican or African American in today’s MLB. Useless for fantasy reasons, considering they’re both un-ownable, and pretty useless for most reasons. Except for one: the incredible discovery that Willie Harris is the real-life version of Willie Mays Hayes.

Willie Mays Hayes: Play Like Mays, Run Like Hayes

Some quotes I remember from the half hour interview:

“Willie Harris has got to look out for Willie Harris.”

“I wanted to be just like Vince Coleman. I studied film, tried to make my game identical to his.”

“I was big into football in high school. Then I realized I was too small and got out, and got serious about baseball in college.”

“We should’ve gotten the live chicken.”

That last quote was from Mays Hayes himself inĀ Major League and not actually from Harris today, but it might as well have been. It struck me afterward how similar the two were, and I asked the other people there if they agreed, and they all said there was a distinct similarity.

Also, Miguel Batista’s is the freakin’ man. I would go into more detail about that, but you’ll just have to take my word because I don’t feel like it (one thing I will say is that he goes to Central America and backpacks around with a backpack full of books and gives them to poor kids. Yeah, awesome).

Some more thoughts that are actually fantasy relevant:

  • Carlos Zambrano faces the Mets today. If he gets blown up, I’m dropping him no questions asked. I don’t care how good Ike Davis is, the Mets’ offense is terrible and if he turns in anything other than a quality start he doesn’t deserve to be on any team, let alone mine.
  • Jason Heyward is second in the majors in RBI, one behind Jorge Cantu, who’s had at least one RBI in every single game but two thus far, starting the year with 14-straight games with one. Why this got so little coverage I have no idea. Heyward is officially a beast, I knew it, picked him up in both leagues, and won’t shut up about him until he slumps. Sorry. Sidenote: he’s exactly 50 days older than I am. Further sidenote: I am now depressed.
  • Check back here at THATV (the acronym for this blog that shall henceforth be used) later tonight for the post about my team in my other Auction League, which features commenters Brando Commando, Ben, and Jay Bee. Exciting, huh?