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At least the Giants got a good pick this year

This blog was started to be a general fantasy sports blog. It is simply a fact of the season that baseball is the sport we are primarily discussing.  With the NFL Draft tonight and my Giants (Yes I am both a Red Sox and Giants fan…weird? Yes it is). holding the fifteenth pick, what better time to write our first non-baseball post?  Draft night is when pro sports most closely resemble fantasy sports as the draft is the basis for most fantasy sports.

I do not want C.J. Spiller at 15 as some sources are suggesting. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw are more than competent running backs. The problem last year was the defense and the offensive line. Rolando McClain would be a good pick if not for his bout with Crohn’s disease. The risk is just not worth the reward here, even if he would be a great story. The Giants should make the boring and unpopular pick and take Idaho guard Mike Iupati. With a strong offensive line, Jacobs can dominate again.  The defense needs to be addressed, but there is little available at this spot to improve.  The Giants will have to count on the change in defensive coordinators and late round picks to improve that side of the ball.  That being said, with the draft in New York, the Giants are more likely to make the “popular” pick of Spiller.

Boring, but Iupati would be a great pick for the Giants