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There’s a reason “hamstrung” is an adjective

Darrelle Revis is a fool. He’s a ridiculous talented fool who happens to be the best man-to-man cornerback in the NFL. But that doesn’t exclude him from foolishness, tomfoolery, and foolhardiness (if you have any other nouns that fool is a part of, lemme know).

A hamstring injury isn’t a serious injury. My hammies (hammys? HAMM-IES.) have been sore all fall, and I’ve still managed to play basketball multiple times a week and practice with the club ultimate team four times a week. I haven’t been at full strength, but my full strength isn’t very impressive, so it hasn’t held me back very much.


This is where he hurt it. This is the only way to beat Revis


Darrelle Revis and I are very different, for a variety of reasons. This much you know. One of those ways is that his body is a much more effective machine than mine. When something goes wrong with his, it’s a big deal. It’s worth a lot of money (finally). If he’s five percent less effective, that five percent is a much larger number than my five percent.

He knows this. Moreover, it’s common sports knowledge that hamstring injuries take as long as you take, and playing through them is always a bad idea. ALWAYS. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you try to come back to early, you won’t be able to play well through it, and you put yourself at serious risk for a much more serious injury.

Why, oh why, then, did he decide that he was different from everyone else, and play through the pain?

Q: How does the hamstring feel?

A:”It’s very, very sore right now,” Revis said. “It was hurting throughout the whole game, and I just fought through it and got through the game.”


Q: Do you know if you will be able to play next week?

A: “I don’t know. We don’t know right now how severe the soreness is. We’ll figure it out tomorrow and go from there.”

Because he’s a fool that’s why. I know our dozens (DOZENS!) of readers are made up entirely of two demographics: friends and family members, and professional athletes. So to the professional athletes among you, STOP TRYING TO COME BACK EARLY FROM HAMSTRING INJURIES. IT BENEFITS NO ONE.

That’s all


Overstimulated Other Thoughts

While parked in front of the TV, switching between the NBA playoffs and the draft, with fantasy baseball info updating live on my Macbook, my brain is preparing to melt. Before it does, I felt the need to post some obversations on all three goings on before my head explodes:

  • The draft is stupid. The whole dog-n-pony show is a farce. I find myself tuning in and rapidly changing the channel back to playoff basketball. The thought that it will almost certainly rate higher than basketball on a night when LeBron AND Kobe are playing is just an example of Americans’ blind devotion to football without giving the NBA a chance. There are few things in sports that get me more excited than playoff basketball, and the Super Bowl isn’t one of them (World Cup, Yankees in the playoffs…the Jets last year).
  • What I did catch of the draft made me want to pull the trigger all over Jon Gruden à la this guy. Not every single guy drafted will be a Pro Bowler, but you wouldn’t know it listening to Mr. Gruden. “This guy’s the real deal,” “Earl Thomas will be an All-Pro very soon,” “He’s a heckuva football player.” I know you desperately want another head coaching gig, but showering praise all over every single GM in the NFL on their night to shine is not the way to do it. Okay, rant over.
  • Jake Peavy continues to make everyone wonder what the heck happened to the guy who won the pitching triple crown that one time? 4 IP, 7 hits, 7 walks, 7 runs, 5 Ks. Seven was not my lucky number tonight. He and Scott Baker combined to pretty much nullify yesterday’s beautiful pitching performances.
  • Derrick Rose played better than LeBron James tonight. It was pretty close, and LeBron won the box-score-off (The King had 39 points, 10 boards, 8 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocks, with 5 turnovers vs. Rose’s 32, 7 assists, 2 rebounds, but zero turnovers, and absolutely took over late. There was a stretch where the Cavs were mounting a frenzy of a comeback, but Rose was just doing anything he wanted offensively. He is easily the fastest player in the NBA, and it’s not close. He made Mo Williams/Delonte West look so bad that the Cavs wound up putting Bron Bron on him, which worked. Bulls won though, so that was cool. Sweeps are boring, unless the Yankees do it.

Get out of my way, Saturn

That’s all I got. The one good thing about draft night (recently) is when the Jets pick, and that was a freaking awesome pick in Kyle Wilson. Are you scared yet, league?