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Todays Heroes – 5/3

After a whirlwind weekend pandering to the birthday girl…friend and spending too much time stuffing my face full of crab, pizza, waffles/french toast and beer and spirits, I’m back. This week is going to be just as crazy as the last with work, so the posts will be a little more abbreviated, but I will try my damndest to post once a day. On to the bullets:

  • Guys who won’t stop hitting and find themselves nestled on my teams: Robinson Cano, Paul Konerko, Andre Ethier, Jason Heyward (he’s baaaack) and Carlos Gonzalez. All of these guys have been just insane, the first three especially. Konerko, as Collin so delightfully explained, is experiencing a rennaissance, and is leading the majors in homers after hitting four in his last four games. He has 12, and the second-place guys (two of whom are Cano and Ethier, joined by Mark Reynolds and Kelly Johnson) all have nine. Cano leads the majors with a .387 average, Ethier leads the NL in batting average, homers and RBI, on pace for the first NL Triple Crown since Joe “Ducky” Medwick in 1936. No, I didn’t have to even look that up, it’s memorized. I’m scared for myself too.

What does this mean for my teams? Nothing of course. Both of them are middle-of-the-pack right now, thanks too average starts by their eventual offensive leaders (Matt Holliday and Ryan Howard) and inconsistent pitching (damn you, Scott Baker!). After an atrocious 1-20 stretch, Heyward has adjusted and homered in three straight games, then drove in another three runs to bring his numbers back to All-Star levels. Drooool.

  • Not to say I told you so, but I told you so.
  • David Freese demands your attention. Second only to Ethier in the NL in batting average, the Cardinals’s third baseman was a titan with the stick last week, socking three dingers and driving in 11, batting .500. Hitting behind Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday and the white Jason Heyward makes pitchers so exhausted that they’re probably just throwing junk to Freese. However, those guys will be there all year, so he’ll keep seeing the junk. If you’re thin at third, you have to pick him up. He’s got that starting job all to himself, he’s in that lineup, and he’s hitting, yet mind-bogglingly owned in only 18 percent of Yahoo! leagues. I would pick him up, but having Kung Fu Panda and Ryan Zimmerman with no room on my bench prevents me. You lucky schmucks.

    He's enjoying the ride. You won't

  • It’s that time of year again when you contemplate picking up Scott Hairston. It’s okay, it’s totally natural. He’s got this annoying tendency to pwn bitches for a week or two, then suck for months, then great again. Don’t do it. There are better options out there, especially at outfield, and especially not on the Friars.
  • Streamer options for tomorrow, quick version: Wade LeBlanc, though he’s already a member of Teamocil, pitching in Petco. I don’t care if he’s facing the Rockies, he’s a Padre, his ERA’s 0.52, he should be on your team if you’re streaming and not Jabula. The D-Train may finally be leaving the station, though Minnesota’s a dangerous club at home. Other random dudes who might give you quality innings: Ian Kennedy, Luke Hochevar and Scott Feldman.

That’s all for today. Hope you kids enjoy the beautiful weather. Oh, wait, it’s thunderstorming and I have to work on a golf cart all afternoon? Wha…wha…why squirrel hate me?



Konerko and Wells Revitalized, Do You Buy or Sell?

Paul Konerko and Vernon Wells are not having career years.  They’re kicking it like it’s 2005.  Both received MVP votes in 2005, and now both are top-20 fantasy players this year.  Are you buying their success?

Let’s look at the numbers:

Konerko: 14/11/21/0/.295

Wells: 20/8/17/1/.323

As far as power is concerned, Wells is on pace for nearly 50 home runs.  Never before in his career has he hit more than 33.  Such an increase is unlikely.  Wells has not hit more than 20 home runs since 2006.  He came up as a big prospect long ago and there has been a feeling surrounding him, even in his best years, that he is not living up to his potential.  Wells is, by all accounts, fully healthy this year and motivated to show what he can do.  30 home runs are well within his reach.  The batting average will almost certainly sink, but the power numbers should be there at the end of the year.

Konerko is on pace to hit around 70 home runs.  He is not in the same league as a non-roided Barry Bonds, so to put him on the same level as a raging Bonds would be ridiculous.  That being said, last year Konerko had 28 home runs with 88 RBIs and a decent .277 batting average.  He’s got a couple of 40 home run years in his past, so the power will likely be there at the end of the  year, just not at this record-setting clip.  He should be able to maintain a similar batting average as well.

Both players have been on their teams for years and have often been under-appreciated.  Neither went high in most fantasy drafts.  2010 is the year for them to prove everyone wrong and roll back the clocks to 2005.