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Roto Rules for the Rookie Readers

This post will provide those of you who know nothing about fantasy baseball with the background necessary to follow this blog.  We don’t want your understanding of fantasy baseball to hinder your ability to read great writing.

Rotisserie chicken is delicious.

The type of fantasy baseball we play is called “Rotisserie Baseball.”  Yes, reader, rotisserie does refer to chicken.  In 1980, a group of friends met at a restaurant called Le Rotisserie Francais (sounds too classy for the birthplace of fantasy baseball).  They created the foundation upon which fantasy baseball has been built.

A standard rotisserie baseball league takes 10 statistics/categories into account: runs, RBIs, home runs, batting average, stolen bases, wins, strikeouts, saves, ERA and WHIP.  Click on the links for every stat that you don’t understand.

Every owner assembles a team of players to accumulate these statistics.  Each team is then ranked on how well they do in each category.  We have 10 players in our league.  So, the team that has the most of any category receives 10 points.  The second place team receives 9 points and so on down until the last place team gets 1 point.  This process is used for each category, so if you win every category (nearly impossible), you get 100 points.  If you come in last in every category, you get 1 point in each and receive a total of 10 points of pure charity.

Comment if you still have questions/don’t understand what we are talking about at any time, and check back late tonight for a post to those of you who already knew this and are fed up with this amateur hour tutorial.