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Today’s Heroes: 4/25 – Dancing Polar Bears

Good morning all you Winchestertonfieldvillians! I’ve woken up at 10:30 or later each of the past two days and therefore feel amazing. I hope you all heeded my advice and caught some basketball yesterday, ’cause there was some good stuff (notably the Thunder defecating on the Lakers). We apologize for the decline in posts the past two days. It’s a lot harder to do this stuff on the weekend when there’s sleep to be had, sports to be watched, and work to not do. I can officially promise you two or more posts from me today (probably just two though, let’s not get crazy). Keep the hits coming! Bullet time.

  • I need to address this whole Barry Zito thing. He tore apart the Cardinals lineup (even Pujols and Holliday) yesterday to the tune of 8 innings, 10 strikeouts and six hits/walks. No runs. No words (except that he’s only owned in 62 percent of Yahoo! leagues, and that number should be far higher. Pick him up if he’s somehow still available, he’s been doing stuff like this all year).
  • As promised, dancing polar bears!

    I told you!

  • Another depressing day in my teams’ history. The Loney Bones lost four points, Teamocil lost three. I would say I give up, but that’s just crazytalk. I just won’t talk about them until they turn the ship around even a little.
  • What to do with Will Venable. He’s generating some pretty awesome numbers – four homers, four steals, 13 runs, 11 RBI – but still isn’t assured of regular playing time. Why he isn’t I have no idea, but that’s why he’s not currently on any of my teams. If you can stomach the roller-coaster ride of a platoon player, or feel like waiting it out until Bud Black decides that the Princeton product deserves an everyday gig, go pick him up, he’s still only 10 percent-owned, with those numbers.
  • Ty Wigginton demands your attention. The newly-minted Teamocil employee (and now-and-forever Clay Bellinger) is now hitting .333 with six dinger and 12 RBI. He’s gettin’ up there in years for someone named Ty without the last name Cobb (he’s 32), but the power is and has always been there, he’s eligible at three positions, including 2B, and the Orioles need his bat in their lineup. Ride his bat until he starts hitting .230 again.
  • Streamables: Carlos Silva attempts to continue his wholly unsustainable run of dominance against the Nats, but what do you care how sustainable it is, you’re streaming! He’s still only 21 percent owned, so grab him if you can. Dana Eveland and David Huff are pretty much the same person – low ERA and WHIP so far, next to no Ks, and widely available because one of those will last (hint: it’s the bad one). However, Eveland’s facing the (I love saying this) struggling Red Sox offense, and Huff has already pitched well against the Tigers, Twins and Rangers, so him against the Angels doesn’t scare me that much.

That’s all I got for you cool cats. Enjoy Sunday baseball. I’ll be back later to post in between my insane amount of work (seriously, for like every class I got stuff).